Friday, June 3, 2011

Did you know?

the Print Shop section here at Casa de Berry offers you affordable prints for your home. Just select your prints, Paypal the ridiculously low prices and in less than 48 hours you will get a hi-res digital file with the prints of your choice. How easy is that?

Here are some examples of what's in the Print Shop - of course, your files will not have the watermark on them.
doorsofthecaribbean1 copy
gatesandpaths1 copy
sanjuan2 copy
orchids3 copy


The English Organizer said...

The orchids are stunning!

Jodi said...

beautiful pics - great job!

those first garden harvests are so much fun...I wish my tomatoes had actual tomatoes on them already...we've had a few blooms, but for whatever reason, they're wilting like crazy...drives me crazy!

happy gardening!