Monday, March 28, 2011

Organizing: Meal Planning

I've been slowly getting into the Once a Month cooking idea. Not completely, because with my boys being picky eaters and my husband needing lunch as well as dinner (he works from home) I couldn't possibly cook an entire month's worth of meals in one day. But, three times now I have cooked and made more than one "batch" of the same meal, twice to freeze for future meals and once to share with a dear friend.

The two meals I made to freeze were from Fix, Freeze, Feast and they were both delicious, but you can find freezer recipes throughout the web, and of course, at The Martha's website. Some recipes I will try next week are Chicken and Rice soup, Mini Meatballs, and her Basil Pesto, with one modification: I prefer to make mine half basil and half spinach. The original recipe with all basil can be a bit overpowering to me, and I like the idea of squeezing in some extra veggies wherever I can.

Got any freezer-friendly recipes you'd like to share?


Casa Bella said...

Neat idea, Claudia. I'm an avid cook and I always make more food than I should with the sole purpose of freezing it. It saves a lot of time, doesn't it. Great tip, darling. Hope you are going well.

Jill said...

Good luck with the planning. I like to do this too and use my freezer a lot. Of course the end of the month gets a little tight with groceries as it's when the mortgage is due :-)
Have a great day!

Luciane at said...

That's very smart, Claudia. I'd love to do something like that, especially after the baby is here!

Thank you so much for your super sweet comment. It means a lot to me, Claudia!


Luciane at

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Thanks for the links to the "help" sites!! I need all the help I can get with meal planning. I've been seriously lazy about it lately. :s

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I'm in need of a new great freezer meal. My kids are burnt out on my usual meals. Your ideas sound delicious!