Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summery set

First of all, let's keep it real, I have no idea where I would wear a white blazer. Or rather, how long it would stay white considering my youngest does not accept the concept of "napkin" as an item to wipe his hands on.

My chair, my desk, they all hold souvenirs of his day, so I don't think a white blazer would stand a chance, but isn't it pretty? I figure I'd wear the thing out on a kid-free date, rather than within Mr. GrubbyHands' reach.

Just a pretty outfit, simple and light. Enjoy.


Lauren said...

My dream is to live someplace where I can wear blazers (gorgeous, btw), jackets, and what magazines call "light summer sweaters". It's 100+ here until the start of October and the idea of long sleeves in summer is a luxury I want!

claudia b said...

omg that is crazy! we have hot days but very cool mornings so theoretically, I could wear this to the school run, but again, there's the kid factor.