Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's make a deal

For the past couple of years I have not indulged my passion for two types of crafting: jewelry-making and cross-stitching.

I used to make jewelry as a hobby, and then as a business, which I did for a few years. I even made my wedding necklace, which you can see on the left. I wanted something striking and with an antique feel to match my gown, so I mixed off-white faux pearls with topaz crystals and rhinestones.

Then I got burnt out. Also, having two squirrelly monkeys grabbing everything and stuffing it in their mouths was kind of scary considering I worked with beads, wire, and other small items that really shouldn't go into their little mouths. I gave most of my supplies to my mom, who'd just started making jewelry, and called it a day.

A couple of weekends ago I was cleaning out my desk (again) and I found a bag with beads I had ordered years ago, everything was unopened, and I had stashed my jewelry tools in there as well. That's all it took. My husband was building raised beds for my potatoes and the boys were playing in the backyard, so I sat and made a little necklace. And now I want to make 100 more.

But first! I need to finish a cross-stitch I promised a friend. She gave it to me last year. August of last year. She did say there was no rush but ya know, I need to finish it. I've been working on it every day, but with sick kids and a sick husband and not feeling 100% myself, it's been tough getting consistent chunks of time to work on it. But I've made myself the deal that I can only make more jewelry if I finish the cross-stitch.

Then I started looking around for more cross-stitch patterns. Never mind I have like, 20 in the garage somewhere. "New" is always more important than "old in the garage". I used to make these huge cross-stitch patterns and had them framed around the house, until last year I got sick of them and stashed them in an archival box.

This is my favorite cross-stitch designer. And yes I want to make the latest one:
But I've made another deal with myself. I can only get a new pattern if I finish 3 of my old patterns.

It used to take me about 3 months to make one of these, and that was pre-kids. Meaning I will be buying a new pattern around 2025.


The English Organizer said...

My (long since retired) aunt does very little these days except cross-stitch, and even for her, projects seem to take a long time.
So, I think you could afford a bit of a jewelry diversion... your wedding necklace is absolutely beautiful.

Lisa said...

You are so funny.
I do love your passion though, and even more, finding a new spark for your passions. That is great. Always good to have something just for YOU among the kids and husband ♥

Jill said...

That cross stitch is beautiful! I haven't done that in years. Follow your's what keeps us going!


Carina M said...

You know what? I think we need to get together and do a jewelry night/day. I'd love that because I miss bouncing ideas off of fellow jewelry designers.

How does that sound to you?

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Claudia,
Great post! The necklace you made for you wedding is beautiful, you definiteluy need to start again - but maybe when the little ones stop cramming everything in their mouths! Good luck with the cross stich!
Bon weekend,

Donna said...

Claudia..That necklace is absolutely stunning! How beautiful! I can see why you want to make more.. I can't wait to see your new one.

Your talk about the cross-stitch just made me laugh. We are so alike! It took me 15 years to finish the one hubby bought me..due to the interruptions of five busy children. One day, you will have lots more free time..I promise. Wow- you make me want to go get out my crossstitch..but I'm finishing up projects promised to friends that are long over-due. Story of my life!