Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Friday!

These babies are going wild all over my front yard - thanks to my husband for buying them for me!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Donna said...

They're just gorgeous!! I love them. :O) Aren't hubbies wonderful when they bring home flowers for us?

Thanks for sharing them..and you photographed them so beautifully Claudia.

Thanks for the prayers for Brennan. :o)

Donna said...

Hi Claudia..BTW, I was actually going to mention how much I thought YOU'd like that store in my post. It struck me as your sort of place. :o) If I didn't have such a headache at the time, I would have.

Marieke said...

What a great photo Claudia. I love Spring, and that Yellow is fantastic!!

Unknown said...

Those are just beautiful!

Do your neighbors have those in their gardens? WoW